Solar Flashlight Keychain

Save 50%
  • Flashlight keychain powered by solar energy, no batteries required, convenient and high efficiency.
  • Can also absorb power from the fluorescent lamp.
  • 3 bright LED design: good performance of light condensation.
  • Perfect combination of key chain and torch- good for emergencies.
  • Random colors:Red,Purple,Green,Blue,Black,Pink ,Orange

Product description

When an emergency situation occurs, a flashlight can make the difference between life and death. While flashlights are a handy item to have, they are usually too bulky and uncomfortable to carry around. These solar-powered emergency LED flashlights are small, lightweight, and easy to fit in your pocket or on your key ring. 3 bright LED bulbs provide light when the side button is pressed and are powered by a few hours in the sun. These flashlights are the perfect travel accessory for the whole family.