Baby Cooling Fever Gel Patch

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About the product
  • 【Physical Cooling】: When the baby just has a fever, paste cooling patch to physically cool down, which can prevent the damage of the baby's brain caused by high temperature, and avoid the adverse reaction of drug cooling. Good way to cool down when the baby is fever.
  • 【Product Advantages】: Medical material fever cooling patch, Rich in polymer hydrogel and natural menthol, good viscosity, not easy to fall off even if strenuous exercise. Reliable performance, effective heat absorption for 8-12 hours. Mild skin-friendly, good smell, not irritate the skin. Easy to carry and use, 4.72 in×1.97 in sized to fit children’s and adult’s forehead. Easy to remove without leaving a residue.
  • 【Natural Ingredients】: As shown in the image, the main ingredients are natural ingredients and polymer hydrogels, fast effect and hypo-allergenic, soothing and refreshing, medical materials has mild and non-irritating, and more comfortable for your baby. The fever cooling patch does not contain any chemical components, the physical cooling reaches the antipyretic effect, and there is no conflict or adverse reaction with the antipyretic drugs.
  • 【Wide Range of Applications】: Can be used for physical cooling, relieve kid’s high fever. Rich in peppermint essence, can be used to refresh the mind when work is tired. Cold smell is fresh, stick to the forehead when driving, and care for 8 hours. Especially suitable for people working at high temperatures to prevent summer heatstroke.
  • 【Household Necessity】: Medical cooling pads, home commonly used, don't worry when you need urgently. Our fever cooling patch strong viscosity, mild and hypo-allergenic, can be used for fever emergency. Use fever patch to remove fever when low fever and ease emergency when high fever. The patch applies to both men, women and kids.

Product description


Why choose physical cooling?

Sticking the cooling patch when the baby just has a fever is a good way to cool down, which can prevent the damage of the baby's brain caused by high temperature, and avoid the adverse reactions caused by the cooling of the drug.

Why choose our cooling fever pads?

♥Our cooling fever pads sized to fit children’s and adult’s forehead, help to decrease high temperature beside antipyretic medication, perfect to complement your routine treatment program.

♥Authentic licensed products produced by the manufacturer, have all the functions of similar products in the market, and are cheaper and more quality-guaranteed than them.

♥Family commonly used, alleviate fever emergency, plant ingredients and hypoallergenic, baby is more comfortable to use.also suitable for both men, women and children.


♥Instant cold compresses provide relief for headaches, fever, and pain.

♥Physical cooling for 8 hours, no side effects and no residue. Recommended by doctors and used for fever relief.

Product Specification:

Size: 4.72 in×1.97 in.

Package Includes: 6 Sheets / Box.

Material: Hydrogel.

Color: Blue.

Ingredients: Hydrogel, Mint Extract, Water, Ice Sheet.

Directions for use: As shown in the image. No need to freeze, Ready-to-use.


✿Skin area should be dry.

✿For external use only & Avoid direct contact with eye and nostrils.

✿Store it in cool place & Avoid exposure to air, sunlight or extreme heat.