3D Electric Puzzle Magic

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About The Product

  • **Rich Imagination** : These wood blocks are good for teaching children imagination and mathematical concepts including shapes recognition, parts-to-whole and sorting. Helping in developing motor gross, problem solving organizational and sequential skills
  • **Endless Possibilites** : Use it to build ships, house, helicopter, castle and anything else that you could imagine. Grow up with your child as building skill develops.
  • **Individual Or Group Play** : Fantastic activity for individuals and groups. Can be used at home and in the classroom. Two or more kids can play together to build a great project.
  • **Use Immediately** : With no glue or connectors needed, this play set ready to play right out of the box. Simply unpack and build. Enjoy and have fun for your baby childhood. Come with a container bag, easy to take outdoor and have fun.
  • **Easy To Clean** : Can be washed by running water and mild soap due to its superior plastic material.