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Today’s Little Moments, Become Tomorrow’s Precious Memories.

Hold their tiny hand for eternity, with the Baby Puupu Baby Imprint Picture Frame – non-toxic clay, in 4 designer frame colors.

Look at those itty bitty feet, they sure do make a giant footprint on our heart. And those precious little hands grasping around one finger, sending tears of love through your soul. Soon enough, those tiny fingers and toes will grow and time will fade those cherished early years. But cast them in clay with a Baby Puupu keepsake frame, and they’re yours to keep strong forever. A tiny imprint today - tiny moments for a lifetime.
Baby Handprint kit
  • ✅⚡LOWEST PRICE OF THE  NEW YEAR!⚡A gift that will be cherished for life: If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift that will light up your friends heart, a baby clay handprint kit is the perfect choice. This adorable kit comes complete with 3 packs of non-toxic white clay, mini rolling pin, handpainted wood frame, double sided tape & easy instructions. Your beautiful frame keeps gifting sweet little moments forever.
  • ✅UNLIKE OTHER HANDPRINT KITS: When the clay dries on your frame it shrinks slightly – this is normal. On OTHER frames you’re often left with an unsightly brown background. Added to this, was flimsy acrylic that goes cloudy over time. This isn’t good enough. So we’ve made sure your frame is up to the highest quality standards. Your frame has a seamless white transition, and is 100% Real Glass. Oh and almost forgot to mention: Unlike other frames, ours has no exposed wood making it MOLD FREE!
  • ✅A GENTLE MOMENT OF CREATION: It won’t be long before they’re all grown up and on their way. So take a moment now, capture their little handprint and or footprint, to remind you of their newborn days. For the perfect still memory, wait until bubs is sleeping in a peaceful moment, then take your print. Simple to follow instructions will guide you step by step. Your precious creation will be assembled in under 10 minutes, and ready for proud display.
  • ✅USA-BASED COMPANY, BABY PUUPU QUALITY GUARANTEE: Securing your newborn memories is our greatest pleasure. Thank you for trusting your precious moments with Baby Puupu. Unlike cheaper products, our kits are designed in the US, and made to last! We guarantee the high quality and 100% confident you will be delighted. If anything happens in the first 12-months, let us know immediately! We’ll send you a replacement or full refund. Order Now, Capture The Moment.

4 inserts

Designed in the USA, Handcrafted Finish – Capturing Miniature Memories With Excellence

The Baby Puupu Imprint Picture Frame Kit Includes:

  • 100% solid wood frame, hand painted.
  • INCLUDED IN SET: 1 triple-sized pack of non-toxic white clay, mini roller, double sided tape, picture frame (backboard, dividers, acrylic, outer frame) + easy to follow instructions with diagrams.
  • No mixing or baking required / clay air-dries in 48 hours.
  • 4 décor friendly colors to choose from: Rustic White, Jet Black, Pure White, or Deep Espresso
  • 4 Interior frame/diver Colors: White, Cream, Blue & Pink
  • Extra thick acrylic safety glass to protect photos and imprint
  • FRAME DIMENSIONS: 11.1” x 9.09”
  • CLAY AREA: 4.7” x 6.3”
  • PHOTO AREAS: 2.75” X 2.75”. Photos can be slightly bigger

Simple To Print, Easy To Assemble - Capture The Perfect Moment Forever

Let’s Get You Started.

Your kit comes complete with 1 Extra Large pack of non-toxic white clay. After a thorough handwash, open your clay package, and knead the clay together with love. To keep your clay free from blemishes, keep it in your hands – do not put it down on any surface. After 3 minutes of kneading, your clay will be one smooth piece, and then, you’re ready to roll!

Simply place the clay into the center of frame’s backboard, and press with the palm of your hand. Fill the entire space right into the corners. Then use the enclosed roller to smooth it out. No need to rush, your clay will stay soft for a while – take your time to capture the perfect little handprint.

Your Baby Is Simply Perfect! We’ll Make Sure Their Print Is Also.

Capture Your Precious Imprint

For a perfect, wiggle free print you may like to wait until baby is sleeping peacefully.

Simply press baby’s hand, or foot into the clay to make your print. Press firmly, splaying the fingers for a handprint, and for a footprint, keep the toes straight.

If you make a mistake, it’s ok! Your long drying clay can be kneaded again for another go!

Allow Your Clay To Harden Well

Allow up to 4 days for your clay to set. Other companies won’t tell you, but results can be heartbreaking – mold, and random fingerprints! No touching, for 4 days.
Then, you’re ready to frame. But first, Baby Pictures! The photo slots are 2.75” x 2.75”, but cut your pictures slightly larger (approx ¼ inch around) so they don’t slip. Affix pictures with the double sided tape included in your kit.

Ready For Proud Display

Assembling the frame is easy. Place the outer frame on a table – front side facing down. Place the protective acrylic, then the white insert, and finally the clay imprint backboard, and secure.
Now, you get to display it proudly for the world to see how beautiful your new bundle of joy is!

Have fun with your Imprint Picture Frame!