Flexible Refrigerator Coil Brush

Save 50%
  • MAXIMIZES FOOD TASTE: Using this brush maximizes foods' taste ,61-inch (155cm) total length makes it perfect for cleaning refrigerator drain, car sunroof drain pipe, or other long hoses.
  • FLEXIBLE AND SOFT TOUCHING: Tubular-shaped brush on one end and loop end on other; bristles softly scrub away stain buildup without damaging the tubing; works on any surface material (copper, vinyl, plastic tubing applications).
  • KEEPS YOUR HOSE CLEAN: Cleaning your refrigerator drain and other long tubes to remove stain buildup so they do not contaminate your hose, foods, and goods.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Feed the flexible stem (brush end first) into the tubing and gently scrub the inside while working the brush back out. Flexible yet sturdy wire-body snakes its way through with ease and goes deep into any drain.
  • GET TO THOSE AWKWARD ANGLES: The tube brush is flexible to even work with curved tubing (angled less than 90 degrees). The nylon bristles collect and remove the drain, food, grease buildup, and debris; durable enough for long-term use.