Neck Solution Health Edition™

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About The Solution

  • Foam
  • Effective and very easy to use - no set up required
  • Light and portable -weighs just 58gms
  • Delivers a very comfortable stretch
  • Versatile - Can deliver a light or strong stretch and has a long or short neck option
  • Durable - can be used time and time again whenever and wherever you need it need

Product description

Neck Solution Health Edition™ is a simple but precisely engineered device that gently stretches the neck to help reduce pain. It is also a headache reliever, a spinal alignment corrector, a posture tool and a Pilates, yoga aid. Stretching the neck is known as traction and is a treatment often used by therapists to help relieve symptoms such as neck pain, stiffness, muscle spasm, tension headaches and many others. Neck Solution Health Edition™ can help reduce the need for medication. It has been designed by a physical therapist to help the following as well as other problems: Headaches in many forms Neck stiffness Muscle spasm/tension Joint inflammation Disc problems Arthritis Upper limb referred pain Wry neck Sub acute whiplash and many more.