The Bath Comfort Kneeler

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he ultra-thick pad cushions and protects your knees and elbows from many types of hard and rough surfaces. Its like a portable carpet.

  • Ultra-thick Knee Pad
  • Elbow stability pad

Superior Deep Diving and Quick Dry Material


  • Machine Washable and Dryable - Neoprene Material
  • Quick Dry - Keep mold and mildew away
  • Comfortable to skin
  • Safe to baby

Connection to Bathtub

Ultra-Strong Suction Cups – These Suction Cups will attach the pad to the bathtub and keep it on until you pull it off

Tip: Please put Suction Cups in warm water for 3 minutes if they have been deformed due to shipment or weather.


Connection to floor

Non-slip Rubber Base - Anti-slip rubber base grips to floor to prevent sliding around.

Bath kneeler


Bath kneelerLarge Size


  • 23" length.
  • 15" wide.
  • 1.5" thick.
  • Comfortable for most adults

Many Uses

  • Knee and elbow pad(s) are detachable
  • Fits a standard sized bathtub
  • Indoor and outdoor use


The detachable knee pad can also be taken outdoors for outside use in gardening, going to the beach, etc.


Bath kneeling padExtra Storage Pockets


  • 3 extra storage pockets
  • Holds many things

3 extra storage bags give you quick and easy access to things you need

 About the product

Bath kneeling matFoldable

Velcro on the elbow and knee pads allow them to be attached together. The elbow pad hangs over the bathtub, which makes it more stable. the knee pad won’t slide away from the elbow pad

Bath Kneeler pad

Easy Storage

The Bathtub Kneeling Pad can be easily folded and stored.

  • 4-fold design
  • Lightweight
About the product
  • 【 KNEE & ELBOW PROTECTION 】 The baby bath kneeler pad mat cushions and protects knees and elbows from the rough and hard floor of your bathroom. Bathtub kneeling pad like a portable carpet.
  • 【 BABY BATH TOY ORGANIZER 】 This safety bath kneeling pad mat comes with 3 large pockets for organization. These can fit many things, such as shampoo, bath toys, etc.
  • 【 MACHINE WASH AND DRY 】 The bathtub kneeler pad is made from neoprene material, which is water friendly, machine washable, and machine dryable.
  • 【 STABLE CONTACT 】 The baby bath tub padded mat come with 4 ultra strong suction cups which allows consistent contact with the bath, letting the bathtub kneeling pad stay up. The bottom kneeler has a rubber base that grips to the floor firmly as well.