The ThumbGuard Doctor

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About the product

  • The most easy and effective way to stop thumb sucking!
  • Made from soft non toxic silicone, The ThumbGuard Doctor is designed to fit and securely fasten to the thumbs of both right and left hands.
  • The ThumbGuard Doctor does not restrict the child's ability to play and does not cause any pain or discomfort.
  • In a clinical study, The ThumbGuard Doctor was proven to have a 92% success rate at breaking the thumb-sucking habit after 4 weeks of use.

Product Features

Ventilated Design.

The ThumbGuard Doctor has a series of ventilating air holes which ensures an adequate air flow, to keep the skin dry and comfortable. 

Flexible & Ergonomic.

Our soft, FDA-listed medical devices are flexible and will not interfere with your child's daily activities. The ergonomic shape fits like a glove, allowing the device to be worn comfortably 24/7. 

Securing Locking.

Each kit includes 30 multi-colored bracelets and an instalock, designed to secure the entire device and prevent removal. 


How does it work?

It's simple: by eliminating the suction that makes thumb sucking pleasurable, the child no longer has an incentive to suck their thumbs. In other words, rather than prevent the thumb from going in the mouth, the device is designed to allow air to flow in easily. No pain, no discomfort, just no more thumb 30 days or less!

Our soft and flexible devices also come with 30 colorful bracelets that children love to choose! No more messy nail polishes full of chemicals, or fabric-based solutions that get soggy and allow your child to remove quite easily; try a gentle, non-intrusive approach that parents, pediatricians, and dentists love to recommend: The ThumbGuard Doctor

Please note: Most children switch from one thumb to the other, when you apply the The ThumbGuard Doctor.  For that reason, we recommend purchasing two treatment kits, one for each hand.

Package includes:
1Pc x The ThumbGuard Doctor